A View of Healthcare Costs

Most people will tell you that healthcare in the U.S. is expensive. We Americans spend more money per person on healthcare than anyone, anywhere else. But people don’t agree on why our healthcare is so expensive. Is it because of all the new technology we use in healthcare? Or is it because too many lawyers are suing doctors? Do we over-utilize our resources? Do we have too many government regulations? or maybe too few? Is our healthcare “market” too free or not free enough? Or is it just because we have the best healthcare in the world and that’s the price we pay for being so healthy?

Contradictory though they are, each of these arguments seems to have passionate champions with copious amount of their own “evidence.” So, who’s right? When my health insurance premium at work was higher than the mortgage payment than my first house and when I looked at what the insurance paid for different family procedures and discovered they paid $20 and I paid $160 out of pocket made me wonder why should I have health insurance if they don’t pay anything. So what I have learned comes from the now defunct website “True Cost of Health Care” by David Belk MD, the book “The Cure for Healthcare” by Dr Tony Dale, and conversation with my doctor Dr. Thi Vo, DO at First Primary Care in Houston, Texas.

This website will lay out how the money flows so that everyone involve makes money without treating patients.